Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I love naps. I love it when anyone takes one except my husband. Why is that? I'll tell you why. It is because when I take a nap, I am getting a break. When my kids take a nap they will be nicer and I am getting a break. When my husband takes a nap, I am getting additional work. So I'm selfish. I'll try to like it when he takes a nap. If he does it when I don't know, such as at work, or if he does it when our kids are asleep I think it is generally fine.

I'm going to strive to let people enjoy themselves more. Just a few hours ago I let my little boy make a lake in the sink and a bog on the bathroom counter. I knew he was making a mess, but he was having so much fun (and learning about science!) that I just let him go. So here's to naps and seizing the moment for a little down time. Snooze on.

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PM said...

Amen sister. I feel the same way about sleeping in. It is great when the kids to it because in turn I get to, but when the kids don't and my husband does that is a different story.