Friday, January 28, 2011

103, 104, 105, Oh My!

All week long my sweet daughter has had a very high temperature.  The only list I've been keeping this week is when she last had her Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. She feels awful.  6 days now.  I'm hoping this will not stretch into another whole week of missed school.  And that is all.  I'll see you again soon.  I hope.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleeping In

Sleeping in always puts my day off schedule.  It almost always causes something to a pain later on. 

But it is always worth it :).

Friday, January 21, 2011

One by One

Today we're having a birthday party for my oldest, Dawn.  She turned 11 in December, but, know December.  So today we are having a friend party.  She's so excited.  It's not a huge affair, but it is hers.

Having 6 kids is, well, busy.  Really busy.  We try to focus on each child, knowing each one has an infinite amount of worth, love and life inside.  But as I mention, we're busy.  And I know you are busy, too.  That's the life we have.

But you know the story about Jesus and blessing the children, the one where he is very tired and his disciples try to give him rest by sending the throng away.  (Throng would be a good word for how my family feels at times!).  But Jesus welcomes them, beckons them.  And then he blesses them one by one. 

One by one.  Each one individually.  So that's what we try to do with our kids.  All too often we don't get it done.  We try to have one on one "special times" with each child.  It varies a lot.  So we are working on it.  And tonight Dawn gets the attention.  It isn't one on one by any means.  But it is a special favor just for her, just to help her feel special.  To help her know that we value just her, all by herself.  Because she is worth it. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blessings on the (Kiddy) Throne

I hinted yesterday that we are potty training at our house.  Little Charity is learning to be a big girl! Yea!  I was so nervous to start, because, I think we can all agree, potty training has to be one of the worst parts of parenting!  Okay, I may be overstating that, but you'll understand in just a moment.

Our last child to potty train was a train wreck!!  We worked on it for a year. and. a. HALF!  I kid you not.  We would go for weeks on end with poopy pants every single day.  Yucky, really stinky poopy pants.  We'd throw up the white flag and go with pull ups for a few weeks.  Then we'd repeat the process while trying something different. 

Food rewards, toy rewards, wearing no pants at all, being time-out-ed, charts, bribes, maybe a time or two of yelling (yes, I admit I lost it more than I wish I had).  We tried everything we could think of or read about or dream up.  We prayed, and prayed and cried.  Seriously, this was major drama for us.  Imagine 18 long months.  78 weeks!  540 days in a row of failure!

Fast forward to our sweet Charity.  Last Tuesday her friend at play group had panties on.  I thought, "Oh yeah, with the holidays over, I should try that."  So we went home and pulled out the big girl panties. 

We put them on and a cloud of potty blessings descended upon our tired and very nervous potty training nerves.  She is done!  She was done in three days!  She had 3 accidents the first day, one when I was in the shower, one when I was on the treadmill and one during family prayers (on my lap I might add). 

The next day she had an accident when she pooped.  But the third day when she figured out how to poop in the potty, she was done.  She's had like 2 accidents since then.  She doesn't even get me for help.  I just hear the flush, and I go help her wash her hands.  We've been shopping, to church, to play groups and she's fine!

It is a certified miracle, a blessing from heaven direct to my tired head.  Someone is watching out for me.  I just might be able to handle six kids after all.


For the new year, I'm focusing on balance. It is a tricky walk. With a husband and 6 kids, 7 fish, 1 potty trainee, 80 loads of laundry, 12 full rooms, and so much else I have to carefully decide what to focus my time and energy on.

Last month, it was not this blog! It was having a magical Christmas with my 7 favorite people (plus many more family and friends). But we got it all done. Gifts for each other, for lots of extended family, cards, gifts for neighbors, decorating, baking, projects and lots of fun outings took up every available minute until the 24th (okay, and beyond, like the cards that might have gotten to you before 2011).

But this month, I'm thinking I want to write more down, share more thoughts. So I'm laying all out this month. We'll see how it goes. I have lots to tell you. Like the miracle of my 5th little potty trainee. Oh, the blessings of heaven have been heaped down upon us and her little froggy potty!

So, organize a closet or two with me and love a child or two. I'm getting in better shape, getting my house in shape and trying to get my schedule in shape, but all with balance (ie. sloooowly).