Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scott is four!

Today I'd like to dedicate this blog to a very special little man. He's cute, he's smart, he's completely over the potty regression!

Three cheers for Scott!

Let's find out more about that cute little devil.

What's your favorite color?
"My favorite color is red."
Rachel--"Because it stands for loving BYU."
Stay out of it. Don't answer questions for him.
Scott--"Because it stands for loving BYU and everything."
What is your favorite day of the year?
"The hottest day ever."
What would you do on that day?
"I like to play outside."

What are some things your are good at.
"I'm good at playing basketball and football. And I'm good at swinging and jumping. I like to play with my friends."
What do you love about your mom?
"That she is nice, beautiful, kind, compassionate, super on-top of everything and an all around super hero."
What is the coolest dinosaur?
"Um, let me think 'kay. I like all the dinosaurs in my dinosaur book."

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you?
"I like to not hit. I like to love and be nice. Except when I spank my mom, and jump on her, and hit her, but they are always just love pats. Just like all those zerbits just mean I love her so much."

Monday, July 30, 2007

Make a list Monday, Improving the yard

Our recent home improvements:
1. We paved paradise to put up a parking lot, us and our neighbors

2. I put together 26 boards, 218 screws and came out with this

3. We de-bat-ed our porch

4. I grew a pretty begonia that reminds me of my mom

5. We had the cutest boy ever who loves 'cucks' (rhymes with trucks) more than anything and quakes with joy whenever he sees one, and even more when he hears one that he cannot yet see.

A soggy bat, or thunderstorms part two

Isn't it funny how something you loathe can somehow tumble around in your mind until you start feeling sorry for it and wanting to be nice to it. You're thinking that I'm talking about the bat, aren't you. Ha, well, you would be right.

The next morning I told my dear husband what horror awaited us on our porch. I told him just what to do, squirt it down ala ghost busters! So we got the hose. We squirted and soaked, we soaked and squirted. But the dang thing wouldn't fly away. I know this is the true and authorized way to get rid of a bat. After all, I grew up in Idaho and we have loads of bats there! I'm practically an expert.

Well, the poor thing started clawing its way back up our wall. It finally reached the top corner. I was sure it was sick, or dying, or at least too wet to fly. So I magnanimously told Matt to stop squirting it. We should let it be. It would probably fly away the next time the wicked sun finally set and the bat's own dark world returned. (Wasn't that poetic?)

Well, was I right or was I right? The next morning it was gone. Home to its own hole in a tree or wet and damp cave or maybe Dracula. Who knows; it could happen.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A late night rain storm

Last night, as I was happily blogging away (reading others that is) I heard rain drops falling on my roof. They got louder and louder. We were actually having a summer thunder shower. It has been months since the last good pounding of rain on my dry and crispy grass. How lovely, how exciting. Matt was stashed away reading Harry Potter, but I was up and I was going to watch the rain come down.

A warm summer rain, a cool breeze, a comfy chair (at least a semi-clean white plastic yard chair), how romantic. So I shut down my computer and headed for the door. I stepped outside and it was perfect. I saw a flash from an undiscovered lightening just as I arrived at the party. My porch was dry and my chair was waiting.

As I walked toward it, I saw something. Something black. Something hairy and rodent like was sticking to my wall! There was a bat taking in the summer storm right where I wanted to be. Maaaaannn! How not romantic! I slowly backed away. I stood by the door contemplating my bravery and strength. I grew up in Idaho, I was not afraid of bats. But neither do I like them! And this lonely bat, which if it ever shows up again will fear for its life, was single handedly ruining my nice rain watching.

I was strong, I was brave. I watched the storm for 30 seconds max. Then I retreated to the relative bugless state of comfort in my home, my nice dry, cleanish, full of dirty birthday dishes and torn wrapping paper, happy home. I listened to the lulling sound of the rain as I laid in bed beside Matt and Harry (and perhaps Ron and Hermione, although I never felt them kicking me and taking all the covers).

As you can see, he's still there. If he doesn't fly away tonight, SOMETHING will have to be done!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rachel is sweet 6

Today our sweet Rachel turned six years old. I love Rachel's smile. I love Rachel's way of turning questionable behavior into a joke with her flirty smile and big eyes. I love Rachel's way of doing things, very, very slowly. I love Rachel's excitement. I love Rachel's sweet way of doing nice things for others, like setting the place mats for Scott today when we told her she didn't have to do her regular chores. What a sweetie! What a doll! What a 6-year-old princess!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry is pulling me. . .

Away...away....awayyyyyy...... from the computer. Hopefully I'll have enough time to finish it tonight. Then I'll be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two more reasons to be happy

1. I have the perfect laboratory for perfecting my organizational skills, my guest/scrapbook/craft/exercise/guest room!
2. I also have the perfect place to practice cleaning, picking up, and keeping it clean--my kitchen.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Make a list Monday, Happy Days

Reasons to be happy:
1. A new nephew Jared

2. A great Primary Activity

3. Pretty flowers

4. A visit from a sister
5. Yummy blondies from Toll-House
6. A good night's rest

Why are you choosing to be happy today?

My spot of sun

Stargazer lilies, I had these in my wedding bouquet.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Great craft blog entry

I think since my sister-in-law Rochelle moved here, I've been feeling more crafty. Usually I am more of a find a cute thing to buy kind of girl. But she makes stuff. Today I found a great new blog How About Orange. Check out this entry. I loved all of these things to make, especially the bags, post-it origami and the barrettes! Try them out. I think I might. Maybe Rochelle will help.
From U-Handbag:

From Peace of Paper:

From Angry Chicken:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've been crafty

Today I finished a project that I started like a finity months ago. I started out stitching the cute little churchy pictures and message. They wanted to be made into little pillows. But over the months, the girls' beds filled up. So I prayed about it (a good thing to do with churchy stuff, or anything for that matter, like praying for your sister-in-law who is currently in labor with her very first child!) and realized that they should be scripture bags instead.

So today I finished them. They are really quite cute. The first one is sporting nicely level handles, while the second is looking lovely with no showing seams inside. Aren't I cleaver.
There were a few hitches. There are always hitches when you put me, fabric, and a sewing machine together. But it all came out all right.

However, there are no pictures of them today. My dear sweet husband is at Girls' Camp. Huh, you say. Well, he was asked to give a short 80 minute class on photography, 4 times today. So he will be there from 7 am to 7 pm today since he volunteered to be the Priesthood brother on duty to fix things like tents and bless broken limbs and such. He took the camera.

We'll be back in visual riches tomorrow.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hawaii, and then we rested

We rested two days. The first was due to my sore foot, the second, because it was Sunday. Saturday we spent on our own little Kamole III beach in the morning. We did a little shopping, a little reading and napping and that was it.

This is where we spent our "home time". Kamole Sands.

Sunset at Kamole I, II, or III.

Sunday we went to church, again with men in skirts (I loved that). Then we headed up Haleakala, the volcano that made Maui what it is today. It was a half day's drive, but perfect for a slow Sunday afternoon. The drive up and through the many different mini-climates was interesting. There were big open fields, tall, tall trees and quaint little villages. We headed up through the layer of clouds where it was wet and cool. We emerged into the sun above and saw the mountain top we were heading for. We had a fun and relaxing drive. We saw the top, the ocean all around, the other islands, and the crazy silver plants that only flower once in their 50-year lifetime and then die.

Overall, it was a nice thing for a non-active day, but not my favorite thing to do in Hawaii. If you have more than 5 days in Maui, I'd probably do it. Here are some pictures we took.
The top

The view

The plant

The ride home

Make-a-list Monday, Trash toys

A list of the toys I want to throw away (or donate)
1. 40 stuffed animals, 20 more than my kids will allow
2. a toy kitchen
3. many thread bare/broken dress ups
4. the croaking frog, oh wait, that is Grandma's, GIVE IT BACK
5. a marble game that sheds marbles all over the house, just the size for a little tot like Andrew to swallow
6. 12 more stuffed animals
7. boxes, stroller boxes, cereal boxes, toy boxes all saved in the name of supplies for a club house
8. baby rattles, never used, cheap
9. homemade lovelies of all shapes and sizes
10. falling apart books of yesteryear, maybe yester-century
11. dried out markers
12. balloons, we are always saving balloons
13. broken plastic necklaces

And just wait till I get to the bottom of the playroom floor!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

One smart fellar

One smart feller, he felt smart.
Another smart feller, he felt smart.
Both smart fellers, they both felt smart.

Say that 5 times fast.

(You can thank my father-in-law for that bit of wisdom and culture!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Summer Boo-gie Music

I really love this song by Hellogoodbye (not a Target ad). I'm not sure if I like all their songs, but this may be my first iTunes download. Okay, yes, I admit it. I'm an old nerd --not one download ever.

FYI I didn't like the video, so I opted for this non-video audio. Hope you like.

The Deadly Pull of the Ocean

Okay, I've been avoiding this day in Hawaii. I don't even like to think about it. And looking at the pictures just gives me the willies (willies, you know, like the creeps in the '90s). So here is how it went down.

We drove up through Lahaina, (we shopped another day though) headed around to the north of the island. We first stopped at Honolua Bay for a bit of snorkeling. It was a really fun place. It was fairly crowded, but nothing like Hunama Bay I'm told. There were quite a few fish, but the coral really was the star. Bright yellow, orange and reds, long black spiny sea urchins and fairly clear water if you head farther out from the shore. We explored both sides and found that, as THE book said, the right side was better. We snorkeled (swam) across the big open middle. It was deep and empty for the most part, but I saw the fish eye view of a sailboat for the first time ever.

This first picture is a view of the bay from farther up on the road.

This is the "jumping in" point.

After this we headed farther around the island. Our next stop was (dum dum dum--in a very menacing voice) the Nakalele blowhole. This was a very cool place. It was, however, the burial place for half the flesh on my right foot. So here is how the hike unfolded.

As we descended the short hike, we saw awesome surf striking the lava shelf producing huge wall of water reaching for the sky.

As we got closer, we saw the blowhole off to the left. After a wave would come in and compress under the under-cut shelf of lava, a huge geyser of water would shoot through a 4 or 5 foot hole.
You can see me in the yellow sarong on the left of the picture.

First I followed a father and daughter closer to the blowhole. There was really no danger there. I only got close enough to get a little refreshing spray. But then the forceful siren call of the ocean tempted me. The father and daughter then went out on the lava where the water was washing up over the ledge. They were fine. I watched them for a minute or two. "Could I go out there too? Why not," I reasoned. The water washing out from the big crashes of waves was never very serious, a couple of inches maybe. So in my clearly prepared flip flopped self, I ventured out. All was fine. My feet would get a little wet sometimes, but that was all. Matt joined me. I felt so tough, and daring, yet still safe. But the ocean called to Matt too. He walked out even farther and looked down a small hole on the right. Wow, that was cool. Matt invited me to come out to see it. I was nervous though.

As I started moving my feet a big wave came up, way bigger than any there had been in a while. It sent a roaring splash into the air. Whoa. That was scary. Then another one was coming. I twisted my body around to the right to not get completely soaked. The next moment the wave was washing around me. This was no 2 inches of water, it was more like 2 full feet. I was off my feet; my protective flip flops washing away. I was being washed along the lava like a piece of cheese along a grater, only this was a human grater. I couldn't stop myself. Finally the wave put me down. My heart was racing and I was shouting for Matt to find my sandals. Luckily he did. He reached me and helped me out of the lava field.

When I surveyed the damage I found blood oozing from what seemed like everywhere. I had cut the bottom of my left foot and second toe, my left forearm was all scraped up but not bad. The real trouble was my right foot and leg. I had a deep gash near the base of my big toe, and scrapes all up my leg. And it hurt.

I had a hard time getting a hold of my emotions and racing heart. What I keenly felt though, was the guilt. There were several families that had been stewing around us the whole time. They were concerned for me, but were also gathering their kids around them to safe ground. I felt like such a dummy and above all a very bad example. How could I be so stupid? I knew the strength of the ocean. I knew its unpredictability. I knew I was getting too close. But I followed its pull. And then its pull leveled me. And I had been a startling bad example for all those kids.

Here is a picture of the big, but safe size of wave coming up. . .

and over the ledge.

Matt helped me up the hike which wasn't quite so easy with gaping wounds on my feet. I was, of course, done. We got ourselves collected, physically washing the wounds and emotionally trying not to go into shock. Then we took off.

I tried to enjoy the rest of our drive and after 15 minutes or so I kind of did. We made it back to Lahaina and stopped at a grocery store for a first aid kit. I bandaged myself up and we headed home for the shortest day of playing of the whole trip. Matt was sweet and just chilled with me in the condo. We read and took naps and pills, well, at least I did.

Another day we returned to look at it from the top of the hill. I felt a little better, like getting back up on the horse after a nasty fall. But I was still sore, and would be for many days. In fact, today is 2 days shy of four full weeks since the incident and my foot is still sore. I haven't put on more than flip flops since. I am just getting up the courage to put on shoes and socks so I can exercise again. I'll let you know how it goes ;-)

And meanwhile, watch out for that mesmerising, but deadly pull of the ocean.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Turn on the radio, you'll never hear this

Speaking of guitars and different languages, check out this song. I love it, and I have NO IDEA what it is saying!

Did it work? Wahoo! My first video!

Make-a-list Monday, otherwise known as MALM, isn't that from Ikea?

At least that's what I know it as. Now you do too. Today's list hearkens from an earlier era, last week. I was thinking how it was a bummer that only kids get to learn new things all the time. Learn to swim, play the piano, soccer, video games, read, sing, violin, art, gymnastics, dance, and on and on. Why does it have to stop when you have a ring and 4 kids? So I am making a list of everything I want to learn before I die, or at least before I forget how to keep saliva in my own mouth and recognize my husband. So, here goes.

Things I want to learn

1. Play the guitar
2. Play the ukulele
3. Sing (vocal lessons)
4. yoga (downward facing dog and all)
5. How to sail
6. How to take personal and beautiful photographs
7. French, or maybe Italian, or German, Espanol anyone?
8. How to keep food on the table, sand in the sandbox, and excrement in the toilet
9. How to re-upholster furniture
10. HTML
11. How to make the perfect beach, this will definitely take A LOT of research
12. Oil paint, watercolor
13. Master Gardener
14. be hostess of the year
15. Be a city councilwoman
16. How get answers to prayers and be the answer to prayers
17. All about our nations great founders and beginnings
18. ?????????????????????????????

P.S. Today I am NOT going to forget to not do something. The reason I haven't added this part to my blog is because I haven't done even one thing every day like all summer. So what haven't I been doing? Work. Ha, I've been playing like all summer! So today I am not going to leave up my nursery decorations one day more. Yes, they are cute, but really, they are just tissue paper! Let them go.....

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Be Independent everyone!

Happy 4th of July! We are off to Paris to celebrate. You should really make homemade ice cream and try not to let your "adventurous" brothers play with the fireworks too much. See you back next week.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I love these tees. I just can't decide which would fit my kids best.

Find them here.

Make-a-list Monday, Road to Hana must dos

The road, I highly recommend driving this in a convertible. What, I didn't mention that? Oh, well it rocked!

On the road to Hana there are sooo many beautiful things to see. Here is a list I would say are the must dos.
(Disclaimer, I left my Maui Revealed book with my mom and sister in Hawaii, so I don't have it to look up all the names of these places. When I get it, I will fill in the correct names.)

1. The Four Waterfalls hike

The first falls

The second falls (the last we made it to)

2. 200 foot falls, standing on a big cliff!

3. Beautiful pool, we didn't stop to swim, but I wish we had

4. The side road to **** , the book describes this as the place where all plants go when they die and go to heaven. A small settlement with a lovely church and a telling row of mailboxes follows the road to the ocean in beautiful black rock ledges.

5. The Black Sand Beach, cliff hike and sinkhole pools--absolutely gorgeous!

6. The Seven Sacred Pools, if you can make it another 45 minutes past Hana. The water levels were way too high and dangerous when we got there. The pools were all locked up and rightly so. We didn't get to swim in them, but they were gorgeous.

And oh, bring some peppy music to get you through the 3 hour ride back to Kihei.