Monday, July 9, 2007

Make-a-list Monday, otherwise known as MALM, isn't that from Ikea?

At least that's what I know it as. Now you do too. Today's list hearkens from an earlier era, last week. I was thinking how it was a bummer that only kids get to learn new things all the time. Learn to swim, play the piano, soccer, video games, read, sing, violin, art, gymnastics, dance, and on and on. Why does it have to stop when you have a ring and 4 kids? So I am making a list of everything I want to learn before I die, or at least before I forget how to keep saliva in my own mouth and recognize my husband. So, here goes.

Things I want to learn

1. Play the guitar
2. Play the ukulele
3. Sing (vocal lessons)
4. yoga (downward facing dog and all)
5. How to sail
6. How to take personal and beautiful photographs
7. French, or maybe Italian, or German, Espanol anyone?
8. How to keep food on the table, sand in the sandbox, and excrement in the toilet
9. How to re-upholster furniture
10. HTML
11. How to make the perfect beach, this will definitely take A LOT of research
12. Oil paint, watercolor
13. Master Gardener
14. be hostess of the year
15. Be a city councilwoman
16. How get answers to prayers and be the answer to prayers
17. All about our nations great founders and beginnings
18. ?????????????????????????????

P.S. Today I am NOT going to forget to not do something. The reason I haven't added this part to my blog is because I haven't done even one thing every day like all summer. So what haven't I been doing? Work. Ha, I've been playing like all summer! So today I am not going to leave up my nursery decorations one day more. Yes, they are cute, but really, they are just tissue paper! Let them go.....


Lindsay said...

Loved your list today, Brooke. I have so many interests and things to learn. I never understand how anyone can be bored! I think I need to go make a list too someday.

Alisa said...

I am constantly trying to learn to play the guitar. Maybe we can have a beginner jam session soon!