Friday, July 27, 2007

A late night rain storm

Last night, as I was happily blogging away (reading others that is) I heard rain drops falling on my roof. They got louder and louder. We were actually having a summer thunder shower. It has been months since the last good pounding of rain on my dry and crispy grass. How lovely, how exciting. Matt was stashed away reading Harry Potter, but I was up and I was going to watch the rain come down.

A warm summer rain, a cool breeze, a comfy chair (at least a semi-clean white plastic yard chair), how romantic. So I shut down my computer and headed for the door. I stepped outside and it was perfect. I saw a flash from an undiscovered lightening just as I arrived at the party. My porch was dry and my chair was waiting.

As I walked toward it, I saw something. Something black. Something hairy and rodent like was sticking to my wall! There was a bat taking in the summer storm right where I wanted to be. Maaaaannn! How not romantic! I slowly backed away. I stood by the door contemplating my bravery and strength. I grew up in Idaho, I was not afraid of bats. But neither do I like them! And this lonely bat, which if it ever shows up again will fear for its life, was single handedly ruining my nice rain watching.

I was strong, I was brave. I watched the storm for 30 seconds max. Then I retreated to the relative bugless state of comfort in my home, my nice dry, cleanish, full of dirty birthday dishes and torn wrapping paper, happy home. I listened to the lulling sound of the rain as I laid in bed beside Matt and Harry (and perhaps Ron and Hermione, although I never felt them kicking me and taking all the covers).

As you can see, he's still there. If he doesn't fly away tonight, SOMETHING will have to be done!


laura said... I love summer thunder storms! They were amazing in Minnesota. The lightning was everywhere, and the rain came down in sheets.
It's nothing like that in the West. But never-the-less, I LOVE summer thunder storms.

I'm so sorry that a silly bat ruined your romantic night in the rain. Hopefully you'll have another chance to enjoy it later this summer.

Rochelle said...

I showed Mike the picture of the bat. Mike's comment was "look how sweet, how cute!" I say yuck-o-riffic. I've never seen a bat stuck to the side of the house before. My husband too, was wrapped up in Harry Potter. What a fun story....Thanks for helping me with my chairs today!

Lindsay said...

No way. A bat. Who knew there were bats hanging on houses around here!?

Julie M. said...

Ewww! That gives me the heeby jeebies! I am totally in love with all these thunder storms. I love the smell and watching it roll across the valley. And most of all, it cools my house down! :) Keep us posted on the critter!

PM said...

Gross, Gross, Gross!!! Bats are my most hated creatures ever. Disgusting!