Monday, July 23, 2007

Make a list Monday, Happy Days

Reasons to be happy:
1. A new nephew Jared

2. A great Primary Activity

3. Pretty flowers

4. A visit from a sister
5. Yummy blondies from Toll-House
6. A good night's rest

Why are you choosing to be happy today?


laura said...

What beautiful flowers! Are they from your garden?

Today I am happy because. . .
the children let me sleep in until 6:30

my hubby got home from work early

I have a new yummy recipe to try

I got everything done on my to do list except mopping my floor, which I really didn't want to do anyway

and most importantly, my family is healthy and safe

Brooke said...

The flowers are from my garden, I just took their pictures yesterday. I do love pretty things!

Anonymous said...

i couldn't help but notice that you listed that you were visited by a sister. how about a brother and sister in law. and you wonder why we don't come over often.

Brooke said...

I was saving up a special post all about my special brother and sister in law who come over and bring such love and devotion that it's hard to talk about.