Monday, July 16, 2007

Hawaii, and then we rested

We rested two days. The first was due to my sore foot, the second, because it was Sunday. Saturday we spent on our own little Kamole III beach in the morning. We did a little shopping, a little reading and napping and that was it.

This is where we spent our "home time". Kamole Sands.

Sunset at Kamole I, II, or III.

Sunday we went to church, again with men in skirts (I loved that). Then we headed up Haleakala, the volcano that made Maui what it is today. It was a half day's drive, but perfect for a slow Sunday afternoon. The drive up and through the many different mini-climates was interesting. There were big open fields, tall, tall trees and quaint little villages. We headed up through the layer of clouds where it was wet and cool. We emerged into the sun above and saw the mountain top we were heading for. We had a fun and relaxing drive. We saw the top, the ocean all around, the other islands, and the crazy silver plants that only flower once in their 50-year lifetime and then die.

Overall, it was a nice thing for a non-active day, but not my favorite thing to do in Hawaii. If you have more than 5 days in Maui, I'd probably do it. Here are some pictures we took.
The top

The view

The plant

The ride home


FlAmE$hOt said...

beautiful pics ... I hope u really did enjoy :D

Glenda said...

Interesting pictures!
It makes me wish we had done that drive too. Next time!

Lindsay said...

Once again, very cool pictures.

Julie M. said...

So pretty! I love the clouds.