Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've been crafty

Today I finished a project that I started like a finity months ago. I started out stitching the cute little churchy pictures and message. They wanted to be made into little pillows. But over the months, the girls' beds filled up. So I prayed about it (a good thing to do with churchy stuff, or anything for that matter, like praying for your sister-in-law who is currently in labor with her very first child!) and realized that they should be scripture bags instead.

So today I finished them. They are really quite cute. The first one is sporting nicely level handles, while the second is looking lovely with no showing seams inside. Aren't I cleaver.
There were a few hitches. There are always hitches when you put me, fabric, and a sewing machine together. But it all came out all right.

However, there are no pictures of them today. My dear sweet husband is at Girls' Camp. Huh, you say. Well, he was asked to give a short 80 minute class on photography, 4 times today. So he will be there from 7 am to 7 pm today since he volunteered to be the Priesthood brother on duty to fix things like tents and bless broken limbs and such. He took the camera.

We'll be back in visual riches tomorrow.

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