Monday, July 2, 2007

Make-a-list Monday, Road to Hana must dos

The road, I highly recommend driving this in a convertible. What, I didn't mention that? Oh, well it rocked!

On the road to Hana there are sooo many beautiful things to see. Here is a list I would say are the must dos.
(Disclaimer, I left my Maui Revealed book with my mom and sister in Hawaii, so I don't have it to look up all the names of these places. When I get it, I will fill in the correct names.)

1. The Four Waterfalls hike

The first falls

The second falls (the last we made it to)

2. 200 foot falls, standing on a big cliff!

3. Beautiful pool, we didn't stop to swim, but I wish we had

4. The side road to **** , the book describes this as the place where all plants go when they die and go to heaven. A small settlement with a lovely church and a telling row of mailboxes follows the road to the ocean in beautiful black rock ledges.

5. The Black Sand Beach, cliff hike and sinkhole pools--absolutely gorgeous!

6. The Seven Sacred Pools, if you can make it another 45 minutes past Hana. The water levels were way too high and dangerous when we got there. The pools were all locked up and rightly so. We didn't get to swim in them, but they were gorgeous.

And oh, bring some peppy music to get you through the 3 hour ride back to Kihei.


Anonymous said...

I love the new header image!

Chelse Matthews said...

so i don't know how julie has my link on her page bc i have NO idea what i'm doing. i don't know how to save your link either! i need HELP! ha ha but i did post on you page about north shore ;)
ps your pics are amazing! i really need to go on that drive again with you so i can get out and go on hikes. mom wasn't really down with all that stuff! but i can't wait to see you tomorrow! hurry home fast bc i only get to stay until thursday afternoon and we all know i'm the party!
pps i'm bringing my fondue fountain!!! so if ya have any ideas for dipping bring em with ya!

David and Shelly Myers said...

Hawaii!!!! No fair!!! Absolutely the most gorgeous pictures I've ever seen. You look radiant.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke, it's Katie Wright. My sister reads your blog and gave me this link when I told her about my less desireable trip on the Road to Hana over Christmas. My boyfriend took me to Maui to propose! The day we intended to make it to Hana was filled with wind and rain. It was so bad we couldn't get out of the car (which is the whole point, right) and we ended up turning around after only 15 miles into the turn-filled trip because he was getting car sick. Just seeing your pictures makes me that much more excited to go back and make it all the way next time! Glad to see you are doing so well. Take care!