Friday, April 30, 2010

Things I Wish I Procrastinated

There are a few things I procrastinate so badly, that I really just never do. I wish I could call it procrastinating, but really, I just don't even do it.

1. clothes mending, usually my kids just grow out of it before I fix it
2. writing in my journal
3. exercising
4. craft projects, so many dreams, so little motivation
5. scrapbooking, I rethought this one, and mostly I really just don't do it

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Banishment of the Binky

My sweet little 2-year-old princess needs to be done with her binky. I keep putting it off (hmm, another bit of procrastination). Yesterday, we couldn't find it at nap time, so I decided to not look too hard. And she went down without it. It was "lost".

Charity was so sad. She wanted to look for it. We tore apart her bed, no bink. She looked at me sadly, and said "Pockets?" So we checked my pockets. Nope. So I tucked her in.

And she cried. Not for too long, 6 or 7 minutes maybe. But it was so sad.

Then by bedtime, I had found it and stowed it away, determined to perservere in my mommy cruelty. And she asked for it, looked for it, pleaded for it, cried for it. She looked at me sadly with her beautiful blue eyes and said "miss it."

Now this sweet little one doesn't have many things that are hers that are really important to her. She's got her mommy and her daddy. She's got her room. And she's got her binky. And I took it away. And she was sad. Oh, I hate it.

She cried again at night, longer and more sincerely. She cried today at nap time. And Matt put her to bed tonight while I was out. I called to say I was coming home, and she had cried for a good 45 minutes. Oh, this is hard. It makes me sad.

I can take her crying through her vaccinations; they are really important. She can cry through her tantrums; she's mostly just mad. But I really hate making her sad about something that really doesn't seem that important. But we've started, and I guess I'm not backing down. Even for big, sad, sweet eyes.


I am a much better dreamer than doer. Therefore, I procrastinate.

Here is just a sampling of things I like to procrastinate.

1. folding laundry
2. mopping the floor
3. making phone calls, especially business ones
4. Visiting Teaching, (this is double bad because it usually requires a phone call, too)
5. scrapbooking
6. deciding whether to keep clothes or return them, especially things I buy for my kids
7. getting my hair cut
8. making dinner
9. recyling my newspaper (you should see my pile)
10. downloading my digital pictures from my camera, except I did it today! So just you wait for some sweet pictures coming soon.

And many, many more things. Is this common at all? Do any of you procrastinate? or is it just pathetic old me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow and my list of things I wish I procrastinated.

Monday, April 5, 2010

MaLM - Annual Safety Pack Update

Make a List Monday - Annual Safety Pack Update

Every April General Conference, we update our "safety backpacks" as we call them. We have one for each member of the family with emergency supplies needed for a fast break. They aren't designed for ease and luxury, but for emergency evacuation.

I've been wondering what else I need to put in them. This is what we have so far.

1. change of clothes, including underwear and socks
2. diapers if applicable
3. water, not enough really, but enough that a 4-10 year old can carry their own
4. food (granola bars, dried fruit, crackers, jerky, etc. -- nothing heavy)
4. emergency blanket (the foil looking ones)
5. a garbage bag
6. a whistle
7. a toothbrush
8. a flashlight
9. Matt and I have a few extras like hygiene stuff, pocket knife)

So what I'm wondering is what else you would include. We can't put much more in, to keep it really mobile for the kids, but I'm wondering about

1. cash
2. house key
3. documents and phone numbers
4. radio
5. first aid