Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am a much better dreamer than doer. Therefore, I procrastinate.

Here is just a sampling of things I like to procrastinate.

1. folding laundry
2. mopping the floor
3. making phone calls, especially business ones
4. Visiting Teaching, (this is double bad because it usually requires a phone call, too)
5. scrapbooking
6. deciding whether to keep clothes or return them, especially things I buy for my kids
7. getting my hair cut
8. making dinner
9. recyling my newspaper (you should see my pile)
10. downloading my digital pictures from my camera, except I did it today! So just you wait for some sweet pictures coming soon.

And many, many more things. Is this common at all? Do any of you procrastinate? or is it just pathetic old me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow and my list of things I wish I procrastinated.

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