Friday, November 7, 2008

A First Soft Doll

Neither of my first two girls loved baby dolls. I am prepared to change this with Charity and brainwash her early on. I'm searching for a darling little soft doll to give her for Christmas. Some of these from Etsy aren't really baby proof, but sure are cute. I figure I could choose an appropriate one and watch it for loosening parts. Do you have any great sources for soft baby dolls?

The Lucky Pebble

Trudette's shop

Green Mountain

Sew sunshine

Tiddlywinks shop

oompa toys

Bummer, I lost the link to this one.

the willow tree's shop Okay, it's not a baby doll, but cute anyway.

Which is your favorite?


Paige said...

I have a top 3: Sew Sunshine, Tiddlywinks, and Oompa. I love that Aubrey likes to play babies!

Laura said...

I think I'll have to go with the second one listed under Oompa Toys. My girls had a doll like that, and they both loved it.

I also really like the ladybug fabric used on the Sew Sunshine doll. Cute!

Mom said...

I vote for the first Oompa doll.

Shell said...

I liked the tiddlywinks dolls, but I tend to think a baby might like the first doll on your list. My girls have two baby dolls that are completely soft that I'm not sure where they're from b/c I can't find them and they were given to me by my mom.