Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harvesting carrots

I planted my own carrots this year. They are looking quite lovely. We ate our first one last week. Just so you know, it is hard to know when to harvest carrots. You look at the top of the orange peeking out of the dirt to see if they are big enough. Besides that, you just have to pull one to see.

The good side is that they don't go bad if you leave them in the ground after they are ready. So, clear until frost threatens, you can just go pick one whenever you are in the mood.

Happy beta-carotene-ing.

P.S. Do you think carrot cake with home grown carrots would be especially good?


Shell said...

oh, I know that carrot cake made with home grown carrots would be especially good! I really have been craving carrot cake!

David and Shelly said...

I have been wondering the same thing about my carrots, not knowing when to pick them. Good to know!

Stephanie said...

Homemade carrot cake with homegrown carrots...yum! I have a heirloom carrot spoon cake that you can make in the crock pot that is supposedly divine if you would like to try it..