Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankful 6

I'm thankful it seems Matt does not have Swine flu, but some nasty virus plus a nasty cold. Now, if we can all just avoid catching it from him.

I'm thankful for sweets from kind friends.

I'm thankful for Matt's job wherein he can take a sick day without any problems.

I'm thankful for chocolate chips and all the places they are used.

I'm also thankful for leftovers.

I'm totally stoked about finishing my first quilt! Yea yea yea. (Nothing fancy, no quilting, just a t-shirt quilt I've been waiting to make since the mid-nineties. And therefore I'm thankful to my quilting neighbor friend!

1 comment:

chelse said...

wow I can't believe you made a quite! that's so awesome. I made a pillow and thought I was pretty much martha stewart!