Friday, May 28, 2010

A Spot of Sun

Well, the afternoon has clouded over, but there has been plenty of sunny news to tide me over until the real sun comes around again.

1. The kids are done with school, all with happy faces. And they didn't even throw any fits when we announced the new chores for the summer, maybe because we also announced their new bedtimes!

2. My brother found a good job for a Federal clerkship (he just graduated from Wash U Law School with my other brother. I got to go and will share pics soon.)

3. My 3 hour glucose test came back normal! Yea. 17 hours fasting with only a very nasty sugar drink to make me woozy and sick to my stomach was NOT my idea of fun.

4. I get to go on a date this weekend after a long drought.

I hope your weekend is looking sunny, too!


Shell said...

I'm glad your test came back normal!

chelse said...

brooke i miss you and your family! it feels like i haven't talked to you in forever! I hope you all have a great birthday weekend! oh and Ry showed me this youtube video called swagger wagon. you should totally look it but because I thought of you the entire time watching it. You'll either think it's so dumb or love it. Just embrace it!