Thursday, October 21, 2010

Suggested Retail Price

Don't you love that phrase. I've kind of become accostomed to not ever paying it. Most big retailers have frequent (enough) discounts that you can usually get a brake. I almost never buy food at that high price. One item I actually do expect to pay full price is books, especially local market ones (read Mormon). But toys, no.

So guess how I felt when I sent my sweet husband to Shopko for a buy one get one half off deal on Legos and he found a not-so-sweet deal. The Lego set we were looking for was marked at 150% of suggested retail price as listed online! So the 50% off deal was ridiculous! 150% higher than suggested retail price is like robbery! Crazy. Well, that purchase is OFF.

Winner goes to the lowest (convenient) bid, which right now is online. Beware of Shopko you toy buyers. I'm sure not all items are this bad, but you never know!

P.S. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?


Laura said...

Although I love buying clothes at Shopko, I almost never buy toys there (did once because I was desperate and didn't have time to run to another store). I find them to be way overpriced, which your husband's recent trip has proven.

I haven't started official Christmas shopping. However, my husband and I just put the final touches on the shopping list and now just have to start buying. :)

Shell said...

I find a lot of stores do that specifically at a sale time, they'll have a few good sale items, and then raise or keep the products at the same rate they were before and just stick a sale sign on it. I've seen it a lot in grocery stores.