Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Things that remind me of my dad

Jazz music, preferably without words
french toast
(from scratch, please)
slick sweat pants with t-shirts and Birkenstocks
gospel doctrine
Star Wars
Girl saves man who falls on tracks
Sports games, mine and my sibs
Professional football on TV
big warm hands
really loud sneezes
riding lawn mowers
falling asleep on the couch
carrot cake
Taking care of Grandma and Grandpa
taking it easy, even the hard stuff
Playing on the floor with grandkiddies
Barbie shoes
Reading the Christmas story (New Testament and Book of Mormon)
running backwards
tan feet
little running shorts
checking blood pressure at the store
the Messiah
leading the music, everywhere
Father's blessings before school, and other times too
big bass singing
Figuring out how to do it (fixing cars, building bunk beds, wiring basements, new jobs)
Putting lights on Christmas trees (I think he held the world record in this)
choclate chip cookies
big old beards
sideways grins
driving all the way through (to the beach)
That song on thew piano (what is it Lane?)


PM said...

-Homemade pizza
-Coconut Cream Pie
-Homemade potato soup
-picking you up by your ears
-Slapping your chin really fast until it vibrates your whole face
-Dancing movies
-Atkins Diet
-V8 juice
-Church soes with tassels
-Cinnamon Bears
-Peanut Clusters
-Running into the waves at the beach
-Nice, fluffy, cold pillows
-Scaring me while I am vacuuming
-Reading the newspaper while driving
- Famous sayings: "Are yor legs painted on" "You're slower than Christmas" Whenever I asked if I could call a freind he would say "What do you want to call her?"
-Honest, espcially at cards

-Man, there are a lot of things that remind me of Dad. What good memories.

Brooke said...

Oh, those are all really good ones. I'm sorry I forgot some of them. Thanks for posting.

Also, talks in the kitchen, warnings about boys, sprawling on the couch with one leg up one down, can you see it?

LuckyMatt said...

Here's a few from my memories too. I'll try not to repeat unless absolutely necessary:
- Yes, talks in the kitchen
- Homemade pizza
- Laughing until tears stream out, epsecially with the Goldfish story
- Red, tiny running shorts
- Scripture talks
- Fixing stuff
- Wrestling on the floor with Lane
- Watering the trees with Dawn
- Holding babies
- Generous
- Compassionate
- Warm and kind

PM said...

I thought of another really important one. . . SNORING!

Shell said...

Those are really tender thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to add a few times in grade school when i slept over at paiges house i remember your dad making breakfast... crepes it was! that was my first time ever having them. he was always so kind and caring...

chelse said...

-hitting you on that nerve on your back perfectly to make it go numb
- evening walks
- fudge
- loud piano
- the amazing labryinth
- keeping score on the yellow pad of paper
- lame jokes left with a twinkle in the eye
- big sombrero hats
-playing volleyball on the beach
-skiing backwards
-one piece ski suits
- hot chocolate and donuts (in beaver lodge)
- laying on the tramp and in the living room on his side
- colorful newport shirts
- new years resolutions
- the happy days

i loved everyones lists! they made me cry. sometimes i feel like i'm forgetting so thanks for the reminders!

chelse said...

i thought of a few more
- sergio mendez
- crx cars
- francisco (His cars name)
- v6 engines

Brooke said...

What about Almond Joy and Idaho spud candy bars?