Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My dream house

I like to think about my "dream" house. I constantly refine my image of what it looks like. So I am about to start documenting different parts of my dream house. I'll need your help.

Since it must be perfect, let me know what you need in your dream house, and I'll consider adding it to mine.

Let's start with location.

I think being by lots of family is number 1. If that could happen anywhere, I'd be by the ocean, make that ON the beach, but with beautiful views of big, snow capped mountains. The problem is that the beach must be warm and usable. Does anyone know where these things could coexist happily? Because that is where I need all my family to move. And could I please have 4 distinct seasons? I really need that.

The neighborhood should be happy, walkable, safe, lots of interconnecting neighborhoods, parks, pretty walkways, interesting houses, big trees, biggish lots, lots of kids to play with mine.

Where do you want to live?

I kind of claimed this house for myself while in Maui last year. It certainly has potential.

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LuckyMatt said...

Hmm, if we're adding requirements to our dream house, then I need to add the requirement that it would be nice to have climbable sandstone (for softness) rocks either in the yard or just adjacent to it.

Oh, and you know I need a 3-story, diveable, salt water aquarium that runs through the core of the house.