Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing up is hard

Growing up can be really strenuous.

Bodies are difficult. Learning to get where you want to go can be frustrating. And when the mucus starts flowing, life can be downright miserable.

Then there is the emotional part. You can find yourself waking up from scary or sad dreams that leave you in tumult. It is hard to figure those emotions out.

There is the problem that everyone is out to get you. They all want to beat you, win your stuff, play with your best friend, etc. No one seems to think about what YOU want.

It never ends. Even now in my "old age" I have a hard time.

My body doesn't really like to obey me still. I am trying to learn to control my own appetites and passions.

Emotions can be tricky even now. I've mostly mastered my own, but figuring out how to understand and deal with the emotions of others is tricky.

It's hard not to be consumed with my own little family. I wonder how much more frequently I need to be thinking about the needs of others outside my own family.

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