Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's going on

Not much is happening around here. Well, that's not exactly true.

Andrew had a mean runny nose which migrated to a nice ear infection.

Matt built and raced a sweet Pine Wood Derby car last Saturday.

We swept fall and winter off our back patio, put out a new rug under our table, moved and restocked the sandbox (which Charity has already acquired a taste for, literally).

Matt and I tried a new restaurant, the Blue Lemon, in Highland--very good! We had fiery fish tacos, cussabi shrimp salad and sweet potato fries with blue lemon sauce. It was so different and delicious, beautifully presented and fun (not cheap). Highly recommend it. Then we tantalized our spring fever with a walk around Thanksgiving Point's small, free gardens (the big ones open on March 28!).

Yesterday I planted lettuce, mesclun, onions and sugar snap peas in my little peat pots. When they send up their little shoots, they will have a new home in my garden.

But today it is snowing. Bluhhhhhh!

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Julie M. said...

Man, I'm not missing that snow stuff! Sorry about the ear infection. Hope you get lots of sunshine next week!