Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Alaskan Cruise, Seattle

Our cruise ended in Seattle, and since we had a long wait before our flights, we took a bus tour of Seattle. Besides seeing the city and learning all about it, we stopped at the Space Needle,

our very tired-of-seeing-the-sights sweetheart.

and Pike Place Market.

We also saw the road where the term skid row or road (debatedly) originated. It was a steep road that the lumber mills would slide (or skid) the logs down to get to the sawmill. The men who were down on their luck would live along the road waiting to be needed with the logs. And now we have "skid rows" all over without any logs to be found.

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Stephanie said...

Pike Place Market is one place Eric and I visited on our honeymoon. Very fishy with lots of pretty flowers! : ) What a fun memory!