Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting to Know Paris, Idaho

I grew up in a small town in Idaho with only 700 people, Paris, Idaho.

I love this town. I have such great memories of growing up and they center in Paris. Though I wouldn't choose to live there (not many economic opportunities), I love to visit.

Last week I took Matt's family there for a little reunion. I thought I'd take the chance to tell you a little about my hometown (and surrounding areas). You can also see a few posts that include Paris and Bear Lake here and here.

Paris, Idaho was first settled by Mormon Pioneers in 1863. Before that it was the occasional home to various Native Americans and trappers who started the mountain man rendezvous on the shores of Bear Lake, about 7 miles to the south of Paris.

Bear Lake is 20 by 8 mile lake that is a beautiful blue color due to the limestone sediment that floats in the water (better pictures in the sunlight). It happens to be great for playing and wave runnering.

In Paris, the early pioneers built this beautiful Tabernacle in 1888 where the Latter-day Saints met and still do.

Every small town has its own canyon. Paris Canyon is home to a large spring (and picnic area) that supplies the city with its water.

Bloomington Lake is a high mountain lake in a neighboring canyon. At 8200 feet elevation, it has snow surrounding it most years. The water is frigid, though very tough people have been known to brave it. Though the exact depth is unknown, sonar shows some places to be as deep as 160 feet.

The lake is accessed by a .6 mile hike surrounded by hills full of wildflowers and neon blue dragonflies.

Traveling even more south, you come to St. Charles and its accompanying canyon. In St. Charles canyon, you can visit Minnetonka Cave and its 1/3 mile long tour with 444 steps each direction. It is a chilly 40 degrees year round, which is the average yearly temperature of the surrounding area.

Last, but not least, Bear Lake is home to many hunters. Whether you like to shoot for your dinner or just for sport, you will find plenty to keep you happy. If you are very lucky, you may meet some mighty hunters and their downed clay pigeons that roam the area.

Thanks for visiting. Come back again soon.


Jenny and Al said...

Thanks for planning such a great vacation, Brooke!! We had so much fun and look forward to doing it again sometime!!!

Lindsay said...

Your hometown looks lovely. Invite us up for a visit sometime. Please!

Mom said...

Ditto on Jenny's comment.

Shell said...

I third that. Way cool picture of mom and dad with the guns...

David and Shelly said...

Love that Bear Lake place.

Anonymous said...

I live in Virginia. For some reason Paris, ID kept running through my head. I never knew it existed but decided to google it to see if there was such a thing. Is there anything significant about Paris, ID? Anything sketchy, odd or remarkable? I don't know what to make of it...