Thursday, July 17, 2008

The 4th of July, Paris style

To start off, our 3 1/2 hour drive stretched to 4 3/4 due to several stops to feed Charity, and a big puke in the canyon.

On the 4th, we started with a picture-less flag raising at 6, then skipped the 11:00 program for feeding kids, and set out for the 1:00 parade.

The parade is popular.

But getting up for the flag raising has it's benefits - a great spot! Meeting family at the parade.

Grandma with grandkids minus Idaho Falls ones. (Love you Paige)

Our family

The firework technicians (pyros).

the light stick mania

The show (ours, that is)

Next day at the beautiful Bear Lake

Playing 500

We ended the weekend with Todd and Shayla blessing their little Skyler. We had everyone there! All 6 kids and 12 grandkids, beautiful.


PM said...

I really did miss being there that day. The 4th of July isn't the same anywhere else.

LuckyMatt said...

Great pictures of a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

The picture that you took of the parade... I found my Dad, brother, sis-in-law & my cute little nephew Tavis! :) I agree...with Paige, it isn't the same anywhere else on the 4th but in Paris! :)

Shell said...

cool pictures Brooke, I haven't seen pictures of everyone in your family since new additions and growing up!

Rob and Tonya Shallenberger said...

I would love to get together sometime. I don't have Shelly's email right now but I thought she was going to be up for some of the summer.

My plans: I'll be in Orem next week. Then back to BL until the first of Sept.

I don't know how far from Orem you live. Where would be a good meeting place?

Stephanie said...

Oh, Brooke... It looked like a lot of fun!!!