Thursday, July 31, 2008

Southern Utah

Southern Utah is red, orange, bright blue.
Southern Utah is warm, hot, stifling, and freezing on early spring mornings when you take your first-born 4-month-old camping for the first time.
Southern Utah is dry, largely barren, and wet when you follow some loved one up Walter's Wiggles or into the Narrows.

Southern Utah is the true testing ground for in-laws when tested against its stark beauty and rugged trails.
Southern Utah is bumpy in all the right places, smooth in all the right places and holey in all the other places.

Southern Utah is part of my new state, my new family, my new better half, and me.

The lovely scenery is from Check out the desert pictures here.

P.S. Southern Utah is also where I attained the status of "semi-whimp". Yipee!


LuckyMatt said...

Joyful Day of Gladness, what inspired all this? I love it! Even though you were never on "trial" for liking Southern Utah, I'm glad you do like it, because I'm sure I'd drag you there anyway.

Shell said...

Way to score points with the Curtis Men Brooke. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

zionmike said...

Now that's what I'm talking about!!
Kip Dynamite and Mike