Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Kitchen Plate Rack

I think I like the look of an open plate rack. Do you? I would definitely need really cute dishes.

In fact, I think I really need a set of these.

I've been reading up on Depression Glass, and I am really falling in love with it. I may go for these pretty pink hobnail sherbet bowls.


Laura said...

I love the way the plate racks look, but I feel like they are a huge waste of space. Maybe if I had enough cupboards to compensate, I'd be more willing to have one in my kitchen.

I love the pink sherbet bowl, too. It reminds me of my great-grandma.

Shell said...

I personally don't want a plate rack because as laura said, it takes a great amount of space. I love collecting dishes and am so glad i can finally display my china, my true lovely dishes.

Mike said...

Plate racks are pretty cool, but you should really have more posts about southern Utah.