Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm so ahead of the times

Sometimes I realize that my old freakish ways are really very hip and now, it just took a few years to realize this. Like my frugal saving of plastic grocery bags to use as trash bags, really I'm just saving the world from all that extra trash and overflowing landfills. And using used envelopes for writing my lists on, I don't know why but I really enjoy doing this, try it. I turn off lights, close the door, don't run the water while I'm brushing, and yes it saves me money, but really I'm just trying to save the world and its precious resources for my children. I'm so green, it's an inconvenient truth.

So now I know why I don't text. It's totally dangerous. I have only sent one text message in my life! Seriously, don't laugh. While you are texting and you walk off a curb and sprang your ankle, or walk into a tree and get a black eye, or cook noodles and get 3rd degree burns all over your stomach or even when you walk off the sidewalk and DIE! just think of me, safely not texting in my own little futuristic bubble of bliss. LOL, I'll c u l8r! or not.

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Insanity said...

My family and I are exactly the same way! We use plastic bags for trash and paper bags for recycling. I also tend to collect little paper scraps that I sometimes go back and use for notes later.