Monday, July 14, 2008

MaLM - Going right in the garden

Make-a-list Monday -- Things that are going right in my garden today.
1. Third time's a charm with the squash (bugs are staying away kind of) 2. tomatoes are getting red 3. Bleeding heart resurfaces after an almost death and sweet woodruff takes off 4. Cosmos from seed survived the transplant outside

5. Peaches are growing (at least on one tree) 6. Late planted columbine bloom and will hopefully survive till next year 7. the beanstalk is growing, he he he 8. Black-eyed Susans are blooming this year

9. Russian sage is huge 10. Delphiniums blooming

11. Lamb's ear, maybe doing a little too well 12. Hollyhocks survived the bugs, as did the daisies (small, very small) 13. last year's cosmos reseeded 14. Happy Returns daylillies finally established and blooming : )

How does your garden grow?


Laura said...

For me--no house, no yard, no garden.

But someday, I want Columbine and Tiger Lilies for sure in my flower garden. For my vegetable garden I want carrots, peas, beets, potatoes, squash, green beans, tomatoes, and possibly cucumbers. If the climate is right, I'd love to have some fruit trees, too.

I love seeing pictures of your beautiful gardens. It gives me ideas for the future.

Alisa said...

I loved this walking tour of your garden! Way to go. I love it.

My garden is doing surprisingly well, although no where near as established as yours.

Shell said...

yeah for your garden! Our veggie garden is going well now that we know that it needed more water and some fertilizer! our tomatoes are still green though, we got one little yellow squash that we picked yesterday!
p.s. I want some lilies in my front garden I've decided, do deer eat those?

Jamece said...

Beautiful flowers - I love all the colors. I was proud of myself because I knew all of the plants that you mentioned! And you get an A+ for planting columbine - the state flower of Colorado!

LuckyMatt said...

It's a good thing that you love gardening so much. After battling aspens for four years at our last house, I was ready to leave our whole yard with just grass. Now it's beautiful, thanks to you!