Friday, July 11, 2008

A bike ride

Matt and Dawn had a "special time" a few weeks ago. They rode their bikes to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. They stopped for a snack, watched a few brides taking pictures and were back before noon. These "special times", our one on one time with our kids, is really priceless.

Later that afternoon, I took Rachel to IKEA for a special time of our own. She graciously consented to bring Andrew along, too. She had never been, as I earnestly try to do all shopping during school hours. Thus, Andrew had developed a love for the place mainly due to the frozen yogurt and cinnamon rolls. We got some sweet shelves for playroom that we've put up and are busy stocking. Pictures to follow.

And for completeness's sake, I'll just mention that Matt took Scott to Jump On It last night and completely got done in.


Julie said...

I'll take Rachels trip. I'm so out of shape, Dawn's and Scott's would've killed me! I think you guys are great, and it sounds like loads of fun!

Stephanie said...

Looooove IKEA! You've inspired me to go get more shelves and get some frozen yogurt too!!!