Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grinding and other "lovely" dances

I recently was sucked into the show Glee. The first episode was cute. I like shows about underdogs making it big, who doesn't? With a cute teacher, fun music, I thought, let's give it a go.

That thought ended abruptly when I watched the second show online. Are you kidding me? There was such raunch that I was sick the whole day. And I wondered how most of the county was taking it. It seems without reservation.

I was reminded about this when my hubby pointed me to a blog entry about "grinding" at high school dances here at Mormanity. My worst suspicions were correct.

And I wondered, will I be able to encourage my kids to go to school dances? I'm not sure.

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Shell said...

Hey Brooke. When I went to high school this was "starting.".. the train song...I thought it highly improper. Now it seems it has imploded to a whole new level. Have you been to any of YW dances? I havn't here, nor has Mike, I wonder how they are..As for the author of that blog, he looks highly familiar. I'm sure I've seen him, as I went to Appleton quite a bit for stake conference. I'll ask my parents.... How did you stumble across this article?