Monday, October 12, 2009

MaLM - Salt Lake City Connect Passes

Last week we went on our Salt Lake City "Staycation" using our Conncet Passes. It was so fun! I highly recommend it and will definitely do it again.

On Monday we went to:
1. Discovery Gateway Children's Museum (cost $51)

2. Clark Planetarium with tickets to one IMAX AND one dome theater show (cost $76)

3. Lunch at the Lion House Pantry valued at $10 ($60)
4. Living Planet Aquarium (cost $40)

Then on Tuesday we saw
5. Hogle Zoo including lots of adorable baby animals right now which were so so cute(cost $46)

6. Ride the tram at Snowbird (cost $45)

Total cost without passes $318. Our cost $120!!! or $20 each.
And then we collapsed in a giddy stupor. We didn't have time for the Thanksgiving Point activities, Red Butte Garden, Tracy Aviary, This is the Place Heritage Park, Olympic Park, Utah Museum of Fine Arts and many more!

It looks like the passes have gone up in price to $24. We also got ours on sale for buy one day and get one for free which was a way better deal. Maybe next summer that deal will kick in again. Let's hope so.

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