Monday, September 28, 2009

MaLM - Dear Fall

In our family when someone is feeling down or grumpy or maybe even when they are happy, you'll occasionally hear the refrain of "let's all say something we like about _____." We all take turns and usually the person is beaming by the end.

Yesterday we went for a ride through American Fork Canyon to look at the fall leaves and we all took turns saying what we liked about fall. Here is how it went.

Dear Fall,

We love you so much. In fact, some of us like you best of all the seasons! We love (in no particular order) your
1. beautiful leaves
2. apple cider
3. pumpkin bread
4. our annual pumpkin carving party
5. Halloween!!!
6. Thanksgiving!!!
7. cool weather
8. walking along under the trees, wrapped in a warm jacket and crunching leaves
9. starting school
10. soccer
11. fall leaf drives
12. our annual Arches camping trip
13. any pumpkin food
14. BYU football
15. back yard fires complete with smores

Oh, we do love you fall. But would you be offended if one of the things we most loved about you is that we get to look forward to Christmas all through your sweet, crisp days? Because we do. Sorry.

Love, us