Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Festival of Trees, part 1

I got to sneak out with my mother-in-law and some sibs for a quiet trip to the Festival of Tree in Salt Lake. Here are a few of the pretty trees we saw.

I loved the little table with the aprons over the chairs, plus it's pink!

A nice traditional tree that could actually go in someones home.

I loved these lantern lights.

How about a camping tree with smores sprouting out the top?

This was with a tree, but I'd just love to have this for all my state quarters.

This was a cool idea. There were three trees, one for each of the magi.

A closeup of one of the gifts on a tree.

This tree was sporting a sweet peacock theme.

This set up had four trees with wires supporting flying Star Wars ships and a million Star Wars figures and ships. A little boy's dream! (at least my little boys')

Nightmare before Christmas tree (clever to have it upside down, no?)

A picture of a southern Utah tree for my sweetie.

I loved the Grinch in the middle (literally) of taking the tree "back to workshop my dear") Side note, last night we taught Charity our 1-year-old to say "Why?" in a high Cindy Lou Who way. So cute!

Stay tuned for part 2, the non-tree items to be found, including a awesome gingerbread train!


Shell said...

I am so upset that I wasn't invited DUHH!!! Those trees are so cool, Thanks for taking pictures!

LuckyMatt said...

Totally sweet tree made of sandstone. I also like the star wars one. Next year, instead of a tree, let's just put a big pile of sandstone rocks in the corner and have all sorts of star wars figures all over the rocks. Awesome!