Thursday, December 17, 2009

Festival of Trees, part 2

Besides the trees, the Festival of Trees is known for the fabulous gingerbread houses they auction off for Primary Children's Medical Center. We were not disappointed.

This castle must have been 5 feet tall. It was huge!

The Ginch's mountain, cave, and the Who Village

Park City Main Street

I especially liked the trees on this one.

Nightmare before Christmas

There were 2 depictions of the "Up" house.

You can't go wrong with a beautiful house like this. Plus I love any house that has lit windows.

And then there was the gingerbread train. Wow.

And a few other pictures I snapped. I really want this Nativity Tree. All the levels rotated.

And included was the Disney Princess Carousel.

There are usually a few play houses. This one was awesome with two levels and a flat screen tv! (look throught the upstairs window)

Aren't people amazing. And remember they are all donated for the Children's Hospital. If you've never been look for it next year and go! You won't be disappointed.


Weatherspoon Family said...

Ok - these are amazing. We have a festival of trees here. Never been to it, but you've inspired me to try it out next year.

chelse said...

those houses are rocken! wow. the Up house was sweet!

Mom said...

I'm so glad you took all those pictures. What a great memory!