Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Dining Room Light

I have been wanting a new light above my dining table ever since I moved in and hated our $40 special.

Matt promised we could get a new one, and even "gave" me one for my birthday (for me to choose out). The problem is, I can't decide what to get. And I've thought about it, trust me. I just saw this one on Simplified Bee, a new-to-me blog. I think this one might be perfect. Great, I'm sure it is terribly expensive.

That's why we still have the $40 special!

Another pretty one from Room Remix


The Realistic Housewife said...

I looove the first one. But my ceiling would have to be way higher =[ My issue is the light doesn't hang in the middle of where our table is, so can't really have the cool light I was wanting...

chelse said...

I love these rooms. I'm wishing one day I'll own a house and it'll be beautiful!

And yes we really need to get together. Last week was crazy with the funeral but we don't have anything going on this whole week. We should go play or go to the temple. Just say the word when! We know you're a smidgen busier than us