Monday, February 22, 2010

Playing Catch Up

When the holidays are over, I'm done with them. You have until January 2, maybe the next weekend, then please, let's put it all away. I love every minute up until then. But then I reach a serious limit.

As a result, I just now downloaded all my Christmas pictures from my camera. I posted a few times, but put them back in the appropriate months. If you are a grandparent or otherwise, crazily interested you can see our holiday decor, meeting Santa, Christmas Day, Andrew's little tragedy, going sledding, being tuckered out from the holidays, a cousin's baptism, a new niece's blessing and football party extraordinaire.


Shell said...

I like all the pictures. Andrew really is the best little four year old to get stitches! Great picture of Scott with snow drops on his face. I hope to see your ornaments up closer in person next year. Years to a less crazy holiday season next year. (although I have a strange suspicion it only gets crazier!)

Mom said...

I'm the grandma and I love all the pictures of your cute family. We have so much fun with we get together with you. Thanks for including us in your holidays. We just love you guys!