Saturday, June 19, 2010

St. Louis and the Doctors

I recently took a little trip to St. Louis with my mom to attend the graduation of not one, but two brothers from Washington University's Law School. It was my first ever trip without my kids or husband since the beginning of this blessed union, 12 years ago.

We did some fun sightseeing (the Arch, the zoo, the botanical gardens which I'll share tomorrow). We had a lovely night with a leaky ceiling at the local Hilton, not so fun. And we had a great time just visting with family that has been "gone" for several years. It was a wonderful time, and so great to be able to share with my newly "Doctored" brothers.

My nieces and nephew are darling! We had a great time getting reacquainted. Usually I'm so busy being a mom that I don't get to be a very fun aunt. But that changed this trip, and I liked it!

And extra thanks to Lane and Julie who took such good care of us (fed us and housed us). They were great.

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Amber said...

CONGRATS to both of your brothers! Good for you and your Momma to get out alone. So much fun!!