Friday, February 4, 2011

Being Sick

Today I've been thinking about being sick.  No, I'm not deciding whether or not to feel yucky, I already do.  I've just been pondering health.  What a blessing health is.

What a bummer being sick is.  It really wipes me out physically as well as emotionally and even spiritually.  And it certainly doesn't just have to be me that is sick.  Try a child sick with a high (104-106!) fever for 8 days.  Being sick really changes the whole game of life.  You must act differently, spend your time differently, and really pace yourself differently. 

So here is a little blessing (shout up?)  for all of you who find yourself or a loved one sick today.  I hope you feel better soon!

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Rob and Tonya Shallenberger said...

Doing the sick thing as well. Robbie missed a week of school and today Bella is not feeling well. Here we go again. :)