Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jimmer and the Co-ed

I downloaded pictures off my camera today. I hate doing it. I always have a million pictures to take care of before I get to the ones I want. I still had Christmas on there!

Anyway, what I was looking for was the one and only picture I took at the BYU vs. UNLV basketball game where we took our kids and met our cousins last Saturday. What a great game! We are totally Jimmered, especially Scott and Andrew. Okay, and Matt and I as well.

Did you see the awesome Facebook/Daily Universe bru ha ha about Jimmer? It is hilarious.

Let me start by saying I love the Daily Universe, BYU's student paper! More specifically I love the editorials. They are legendary. When I was going to school I remember an epic battle about girls carrying bags where the strap went across the chest (gasp!) and totally accentuated the nearby womanly parts. It was definitely causing immoral thoughts to blossom unchecked in too many male students. It was hilarious!

So this week a co-ed wrote and complained about the Jimmer-worship going on at BYU. But whereas back in the 90's we didn't have Facebook and replies only came out every Tuesday and Thursday, she got hundreds of replies overnight! And they are all so hilarious. Check out the article about it here or here.

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Lindsay said...

I saw this the other day and laughed and laughed at the responses.