Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 1, Catch-up week--Hawaii

How effective is a catch up week if you don't even get started until Wednesday night? We're about to find out. . .

Today we are going to catch up on Hawaii. Yes, there is still an unexplained day or two in my Hawaii file. So, to make it up to my dear husband, who keeps asking if I'm ever going to finish, I am. Today. Make-up week, day 1.

This was our last day on Maui, and our last day of vacation. It was a beautiful day. We spent our time traveling south and checking out a bunch of beaches.

First, we walked along the Wailea beach path that goes by all the fancy pants resorts there. It was very pretty, but probably not what I'd want. The beaches were too crowded and trappy (as in tourist trappy). It was fun to see though, and I'm sure I wouldn't turn down a chance to stay there.

This next beach was called Palauea Beach or White Rock Beach. This may have been my favorite beach of all. It was a fairly big sandy beach, not crowded at all, isolated and flanked by great snorkeling. After giving my foot a break (remember this), I bit the bullet and shoved the fins on and snorkeled again. It went pretty well, though I kept it short. We saw some turtles and lots of fish and coral.

Here's me celebrating in from of my newly acquired home away from home that has access right down to the beach (it will be mine!)

Next, we stopped at Big Beach. It was definitely that. Big. Nothing too grand, but a nice beach. We honestly didn't really stop. We bought fish tacos and shave ice in the parking lot. We climbed the outcropping of rock on the north end. We discovered Little Beach. Nude. Period. We left. Sorry, no pictures.

As we headed north again to pack up and leave (sniff, sniff) we stopped at Secret Cove. We'd been there before when we stopped at the Makena Grill (a small and delicious little cart just off the road). The beach is very small and hard to see the entrance to. It is beautiful though. Apparently a lot of marriages are kissed into being there. Knowing that, we renewed our vows as we left.
"Brooke, will you marry me all over again?"
"Yes dear, forever. Will you keep me too?"
"Yes, I love you."
High five. High five? Yea, that's the way it went down.

This is the left side of the beach.

This is the right side.

The water colors were glorious and intense here.

And with the tide out, there were pools with fish and wildlife to see.

As it was our last beach, our last day, we were a little sentimental and took lots of pictures. What joy the whole trip was.

So here's my advice. Go there. Save up some frequent flier miles or just some moolah, and go. You'll love it, or your money back!

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Alisa said...

I loved this post! I also really loved the White Rock beach--that's where we saw our first wild sea turtle ever. (Then we had to go buy a Christmas tree ornament with a turtle on it.) Thanks for the lovely pics!