Friday, September 7, 2007

Things I want to do MORE than _____________.

Fill in your own blank. It's that one thing that messes up your plans. That thing that just calls you from your true potential. Okay, well, maybe it's not that serious. But you know.

So here are the things that I want to do MORE than ____________.

1. blog
2. start a stocking for Andrew
3. sew a rocker cover
4. read something new
5. make pumpkin muffins
6. vacuum (not really)
7. ponder the Faith in God program
8. organize my desk
9. organize my jewelry
10. work on my plant binder/journal
11. call someone, anyone
12. go for a walk
13. water flowers
14. take a nap
15. plan for Primary 2008
16. get a haircut

I made this list last night, hoping that it would motivate me to do something else. And while I did make Pumpkin muffins, and read something new, and take a nap and now blogged, the real problem is that too many of the activities require some get up and go. Instead I want to do something that can be done horizontal. I'm just so tired. I guess that's why I did the nap thing and the read thing, both horizontal and blogging I can at least do sitting down.

Let's hope gravity will let up soon.


laura said...

Did you make those pumpkin muffins for which you posted the recipe? Because I made them yesterday and they are to die for! I ate WAY more than I should have.

Julie M. said...

Oo! I'm excited to try them! I'm glad you finally made them! Let's just say Cinnamon Rolls can wait! :)

PM said...

Brooke, I am glad you are motivated enough to know what you want to do. Lately I have found it easier to do everything laying down too. One day we will both have more energy then we should have a girls weekend and spend the whole time doing anything we want.

Lindsay said...

Well, I'm so glad you blogged. Pumpkin muffins sound delicious! Feel free to share. Feel free to call me (I can be an anyone!). Come walk by my house and I'll walk with you. Take naps when you can. Set your timer for fifteen minutes and work on an organization project. I want a haircut too.