Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pioneer woman romance

While I grew up as a pioneer woman of sorts in a "big" 719 person town in Ideeho, I married a city boy of sorts. And while I never doubted this conclusion, I could have ended up with a rancher.

Slip on over to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman to hear about how she started in the city and ended up on the ranch. I'm waiting with baited breath to hear the end of her funny and romantic trip from surfer dude to Marlboro Man. The story starts here. You'll love it!

Okay, wait until later today to read it. Her site is half dead due to a contest she is running.

Okay, seems to be all better. Now go!


laura said...

A friend linked me to this website not even 3 days ago. Pioneer Woman is so funny! and she has some really yummy-looking recipes I'm dying to try!

Shell said...

Oh Brooke, that was really entertaining. I wish I had gifts like that :)