Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A few days ago we were talking at dinner about Charity's jaundice. (She never had to have treatment, but was tested with a nasty poke on the foot five times.) We were grateful that her liver was working properly.

Scott asked "What's a liver?"

As Matt and I paused to configure a 4-year-old-level response, he continued.
"Is it what makes you live?"



Alisa said...

I wonder if Matt remembers when I was little and was horrified at my dad eating liver. He tried to get one of the kids to taste it, and only little Jenny showed any interest. As she leaned forward to take a bite, I lost it and screamed out, "Jenny don't eat it! It's made of people!" So, if you ever serve liver to your kids, you know what clarification you need to make.

Laura said...

I love it!

Amy said...

Very clever indeed.

chelse said...

thats so awesome! scott is a stud!