Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Making the Relief Society is jealous

I heard the funniest radio ad yesterday. Near the end, the ad says something like "Make all the women in your Relief Society jealous!" I laughed so hard.

So here is the question, what do you think the ad was for?

And here is the other question, what do you wish the Relief Society sisters in your ward were jealous of? I realize that this is not a very proper and kindly question, definitely unusual from my pure mouth;-). It is merely an exercise in good wit and a bit of honesty.

So speak up.


Brooke said...

Okay, let's see. I'll go first.
1. I wish that my RS was jealous of my tan, because that would mean I'd been at the beach lately.

2. I wish they were jealous of my lush wonderland of a yard, especially my lovely rose arbor.

3. I wish they were jealous of my cleaning and laundry lady that came every week.

But honestly and truly, I am most coveting a nice trim, healthy bod. And for good will, I hope they all have one, too.

Jenny and Al said...

I don't know what the ad was for, but I could imagine some awesome multi-pocketed church tote bag.