Monday, February 23, 2009

MaLM - How to live in St. George

Make a List Monday --How to live in St. George

Matt surprised me on Christmas with another President's Day/Valentine's Day trip to St. George. Last year I was great with child when we took the same trip. This year the baby came with us again, but outside my tummy. It was wonderful. We hiked a bit, drove a bit, looked at the Parade of Homes a bit and relaxed a lot. Here's what I learned about living in St. George.

1. Enjoy the rare snow; it'll be scorching hot again soon.

2. If you can't afford a red rock view, at least get a city one.

3. Enjoy the local attractions (these are lava tubes and Petrified Sand dunes in Snow Canyon)

4. Get yourself a fountain to at least cool off your nerves.

5. Or if you can afford it, by all means get an awesome pool.

6. Welcome the light inside
(a basement stairwell)

(master shower)

7. And speaking of showering, you should do it outside under a waterfall.

8. Build something unexpected into your home
(entry ceiling shot)

(kitchen pass through to a hidden pantry -- loved this!)

9 . If you are me, you can only live there a few days at a time, try the Seven Wives Inn (Bed and Breakfast). We've been there twice now and loved it both times. The rooms were nice with a fun history and the breakfasts were delicious!

There was a 15,000 square foot home we toured. The only picture I included on this post was the last pool picture. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive look soon.


LuckyMatt said...

There's always a point I reach during those home shows where I start to believe that money actually can buy happiness.

I want a pool with a sandstone waterfall.


Shell said...

Clever post Brooke! You didn't tell me about the secret pantry thing!! Way cool! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of the parade of homes. We should go to ours again this year if it looks like they have anything good in this economy. This time I'll lug the nursing baby along :)