Monday, February 25, 2008

MaLM (Make a list Monday) - Dream houses

What I never knew my house needed until last week:

1. Five outdoor fireplaces (yes, all the same fabulous yard)

2. My own bowling lanes

3. My own arcade (with no less than 30 pinball machines)

4. A grand entry bigger than my current house (what else would you do with 21,000 sq. foot house?)

5. An instant-tree for my pergola (complete with light up berries)

6. A red rock view like no other (I always thought an ocean view was necessary)

7. A great view from the outdoor shower, too

8. A rock courtyard with presence

9. My own stage

10. My own art hall on the way to my bedroom

11. A playroom city

12. Bar stools IN the pool (saves low energy folk from the necessity of leaving the pool to get a little drink and snacky snack)

13. An artsy, expensive and useless sink

Yep, that should about do it.


Alisa said...

I love this. I think a red rock view from a pool is pretty close to an ocean view.

LuckyMatt said...

I'm awfully glad you included the completely dysfunctional sink in our catalog of over-the-top consumerism. It sure was fun to see all those outrageous homes, though!

Laura said...

I love walking through homes like this! I did it near Seattle several years ago. It's amazing what people will spend their money on.
Where was this one?

Julie said...

WOW! That playroom is killer and what a view. I have also never understood those sinks?!

P.S. We want belly pics! :)

Shell said...

Wow. I like that one of your labels was things that make me go hmm. I can't wait to go with you to the parade of homes this spring!

Brooke said...

These homes are in St. George. Sorry I didn't get the fireplaces up until later.

PM said...

A beautiful home, but a red rock view doesn't come close to an ocean view, or even a mountain view.