Thursday, February 14, 2008

Midnight Valentine Inspiration

Did I ever tell you that I forgot to send Christmas gifts to school for my kids' teachers! FORGOT! Can you imagine my mortification (as well as my girls')? Dawn wrote her teacher a special letter telling her how much she liked her etc. because she felt so bad.

Well, we sent one on the first day back from Christmas vacation and felt like shulps. But we got it done.

You'd think with this recent experience I'd be looking to redeem myself on Valentine's Day. Well, I wasn't. However, midnight (or 9 P.M.) inspiration reared its ugly head, and I came up with these cute little treat containers. I only got a picture of Scott's, but the others were similar.

All in all, I'm hoping a little chocolate will go a long way towards my good standing with their teachers. :)


LuckyMatt said...

Those are the dang cutest containers I ever did see!

Shell said...

Brooke, you'll have to teach me how to make those. I wanted to, but couldn't figure out the folds. So I made a little basket thingy, which was cute too.