Thursday, February 21, 2008

Longing for green

After Christmas, I get a little excited about goals and such. I like Valentine's Day, too. But most of all I start dreaming about my yard and planting lots and lots of flowers. Like any other area of my life, my plans are what I do best. The putting into action part is the trouble.

Today I spent too much time on this online garden planner from Lowe's. The first is my current yard. The second one is my proposed plan with a small courtyard and path in the front yard with a dry stream bed leading to a small water feature in the back. Sigh, dreams.

FYI: I liked this yard planner. I tried the one on and wasn't able to navigate it. I will likely try some more; I'll let you know how they work.


Laura said...

You are so motivated! I wish I could be more like that. I hope you get your dream yard this year. (or maybe next since you will have a new baby this summer?)

Alisa said...

Kevin and I were just planning our garden two days ago! We're definitely going to use Lowe's planner. What a timely post!

Brooke said...

Just a caution, the Lowe's one you cannot save and open again later. It seems it must be all in one sitting which can be rather time consuming. I'm trying out some others and I'll let you know.

Alisa said...

Blah. After about 45 minutes of frustration, I give up. Props to you for figuring it out!