Friday, February 22, 2008

Blankies, a spot of sun

My kids all have had favorite blankies. My mother bought Dawn, our first, the same blanket that my brother Todd had forever. Dawn really took to it. So Rachel got a pink one, Scott got a yellow one (like Todd's) and Andrew got a blue one.

Dawn has finally grown out of hers. Rachel still likes hers and will sleep with it if it available. Scott "needs" his many times a day. Andrew hasn't really bonded to his, or so I thought.

Andrew's is one of the two blankets that we cover him with every night in his crib. But he has never shown it much attention until today.

Today he came running up on his short little turbo legs and asked in his sing song voice,

"Mom, can you get my blankie?"

It has never really ventured out of the crib before. But today it has been playing with him just a little.

Those always warm and sometimes stinky blankies are security for my kids when Matt and I are not there. I love that about them. Sometimes dragging them around, remembering (and forgetting) them is quite a pain. But a sweet child's comfort and security are definitely worth it.

And that is a spot of sun for my kids and me today!

P.S. Yea for spell check working again!

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PM said...

My kids are also blankie kids. In fact, Aubreys is a purple version of all of yours.