Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday parties

I haven't had too many really cute birthday parties for my kids, okay, I haven't had many parties for them period. I just think it is too much crazy work. But sometimes I feel up to it. I may have to use some of these really cute ideas I've seen around the web recently.

A sweet candy themed one at Hissyfits Photography.

A whole slew of adorable parties at Kara's Party Ideas like this adorable Raggedy Ann party.

And more cute parties at One Charming Party.


Lindsay said...

Funny. I just posted about parties too. Yay, more sites to check out.

Mom said...

I have the Raggedy Anns!

The Realistic Housewife said...

How old are your kids? Mine just aren't old enough for me to care about their birthday parties like that. But, it would be so fun and that's great inspiration!