Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Garden Dreams in January

It's starting already. Every winter, after the glow of Christmas is past, and the long haul of coldness stretches out before me, I start dreaming of gardening. That is really where I excel, the dreaming part. Round about June or July, I am all out of dreams and not an ounce of work ethic left. So, I enjoy the dreaming.

Well, I already got my first plant catalog in the mail and today I opened it up during lunch. Oh, there were some pretty ones, day lilies, hostas, campanulas and of course the echinaceas and rudbeckias that I love. Anyway. . .

I've already started dreaming of a few projects I want to try this spring. First is a new big flower bed around the crab apple tree we planted last fall. That has been in the works for some time, so I'm pretty sure I can get that one done.

Second is a terrarium. I saw this pretty one on Midwest Living.

However, owing to the fact that I don't own anything like that, I may have to try something like one of these.

Third, I want to make fairy or mini-gardens with my girls this spring. I prefer them without fairies showing. (Isn't the tire swing totally cute)
How About Orange had a link to directions at The Herb Companion.

Forth, I have been thinking of trying a tabletop water garden, where you just put water in a pot, a few water plants, and presto! But I can't find the picture I have of one, so you'll just have to imagine.


Shell said...

A fairy garden!! That's the coolest sweetest thing I've ever heard of. I love the little white chair! How fun, you should defiantly do that!

LuckyMatt said...

I especially love the garden projects that involve you and the girls (and not my labor). Go for it!